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Association President 2018/19 Ann Acaster - Inner Wheel Club of York Vikings District 4

Hello and welcome.  We are Inner Wheel in Great Britain and Ireland.  Maybe you are an Inner Wheel member who has come to look for something, maybe you have heard about us and wanted to check us out, or maybe you have just happened upon here by chance, whatever your reason, a warm welcome to you – there is something here for everyone.

Here you will find what Inner Wheel is all about, from our early beginnings in the 1920’s to our most up to date information.  Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service organisations in the world; we have three objectives covering friendship, personal service and international understanding.  You will find and make special, long lasting friendships in this amazing association, friends who will support you through thick and thin.  Our service given, which is very important to us is varied, from hospital visiting, mentoring and environmental projects, to making a wealth of different things, knitted teddies for children who may never have had a toy before, to fidget quilts for the many people today suffering from dementia.  We fundraise for charity both at home and abroad, baking and holding summer fayres and garden parties, not forgetting the wing walking, zip wires and sky diving.   Where there is a need you will usually find an Inner Wheel member.  Our international understanding involves not only fundraising, but raising awareness of situations overseas and hoping to support and educate, if necessary and possible.

We have clubs in over 100 countries around the world.  Our international theme for 2018/2019 is Empower and Evolve.  We will do our best to Empower by giving the tools and understanding to our members and to those we support, to help them Evolve in their knowledge and their lives. 

Does this sound the sort of thing you would be interested in?  If so, why not fill in the enquiry form on the contact us tab, or have a chat with our friendly office staff.

I am honoured to be President of this amazing organisation for the coming year and will do my very best in all I do.  I look forward to visiting our Districts across Great Britain and Ireland and to meeting you all.  I hope that many of you will join me in Cardiff for our Annual Association Conference 8 – 10 April 2019 when, as usual, a good time will be had by all.

With my love and best wishes for another year of service, fun and friendship in true Inner Wheel style.




Association Executive Committee 2018/19

Back row from left to right

Membership & Development Chairman Anthea Tilsley
Constitution Committee Chairman Liz Swinton
International Service Chairman Shamim Govani
Secretary Administrator Melanie Nicholls

Front row from left to right

Association Editor Dorothy Cree
Immediate Past President & International Inner Wheel Representative Liz Thomas
Association President Ann Acaster
Association Vice President Enid Law
Association Treasurer Karen Davies


The Governing Body - the Executive Committee and Members of Council


  • 1 Heather Sheerin
  • 2 Pamela Hull
  • 3 Margaret Compton
  • 4 Jennifer Angus
  • 5 Pam Boyes
  • 6 Elizabeth Ostroumoff
  • 7 Janet Barwood
  • 8 Catherine Forsdike
  • 9 Beryl Cornell
  • 10 Sherry Phillips
  • 11 Lyn Ashley
  • 12 Elizabeth Martin
  • 13 Rosemary Cone
  • 14 Elizabeth Davis
  • 15 Marian Curtis
  • 16 Janet Howard
  • 17 Jill Cobley
  • 18 Angela Williams
  • 19 Heather Randall
  • 20 Carol Price
  • 21 Margaret Williams
  • 22 Gloria Humphrey
  • 23 Lynn Shaw
  • 24 Jane Brown
  • 25 Gail Elhinn
  • 26 Annette Guttridge
  • 127 Mavis Silley
  • 128 Margaret Taylor
  • 129 Denise Bacon

Association Council and Committee Meetings 2019/20

Meeting Dates
Council Wed 3 July 2019
Wed 9 & Thur 10 October 2019
Wed 8 & Thurs 9 Jan 2020
Wed 6 & Thurs 7 May 2020
Wed 4 & Thurs 5 Sept 2019
Tues 3 & Wed 4 Dec 2019
Wed 11 & Thurs 12 March 2020
Wed 10 & Thurs 11 June 2020
Tues 16 & Wed 17 July 2019
Tues 3 & Wed 4 Sept 2019
Tues 5 Nov 2019 (one day)
Tues 11 Feb 2020 (one day)
Tues 9 & Weds 10 June 2020
Finance Rota Tues 5/ Wed 6 May 2020
Mon 16, Tues 17, Wed 18 Sept 2019 (Working Party & 1st Committee Mtg)
Wed 6 & Thurs 7 Nov 2019
Wed 12 & Thurs 13 Feb 2020
Thurs 21 & Fri 22 May 2020
Tues 1 Oct 2019
Fri 31 Jan 2020
Thurs 21 May 2020 (11.00am)
International Service Wed 3 July 2019 (4.30pm at Assembly)
Thur 13 Feb 2020 (3.00pm)
Wed 17 July 2019 (11.00am)
Thur 13 Feb 2020 (1.00pm)
Membership & Development  
Wed 17 July 2019 (1.00pm)
Wed 8 Jan 2020 (10.00am)
Tue 5 May 2020
Annual Assembly
Tues 2/ Wed 3 July 2019 (Leicester)
Wed 1/ Thurs 2 July 2020 (Stafford)
Inner Wheel Conference 27/28/29 April 2020 (Belfast)
RIBI Conference 1/2/3 May 2020 (Birmingham)
IIW Convention 3/4/5/6 March 2021 (Jaipur, India)

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